Zeta Tau Alpha prioritizes academics and consistently strives towards excellence through hard work and commitment. Our members are motivated to always do better and show up with a willingness to learn more! Our chapter provides its members with ample resources inside and outside of the ZTA house in order to make sure every member is prepared to seize the day. On Tuesday nights, you may find our members at the ZTA house studying vigorously, mentoring younger ZTA’s by leading career workshops, and snacking on Chef Holly’s unbeatable chips and queso. 

To start every semester off, Zeta Tau Alpha hosts a formal dinner event at the ZTA house, where our members are encouraged to invite a professor that inspires them greatly, in an effort to improve student-teacher interaction and promote relationship building. To kick off our 2021-2022 school year, UT's honorable Admiral William H. McRaven was the guest speaker at Professor Dinner, strengthening the bonds not only between students and professors but also between current Longhorns and alumni. This unique tradition not only gives our members the opportunity to meet the superhero staff that our university is comprised of, but also gives ZTA the chance to thank them for their time and appreciate their role in our lives as students.

Zeta Tau Alpha takes pride in its member’s aspirations and career goals and does whatever it can do to support the woman of our chapter academically!

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