Parent and Alumnae FAQ

Where should we submit a PNM’s recommendation packets?

We are not collecting packets this year, but one Membership Information Sheet (MIS) is still required for each PNM. We do not accept additional letters of support.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the MIS?

All questions and concerns can be submitted to

What should I say to a PNM if she is only set on one chapter before recruitment?

As alumnae and parents, please encourage PNMs to keep an open mind and consider all chapters. Many PNMs enter recruitment with preconceived notions including who they want, who is the best, and general misconceptions about the chapters on the campus. Remind them recruitment is a chance to discover each chapter for the first time.

What is a verbal bid?

Verbal bidding is defined as the promise of a bid or specific invitation to visit a sorority. This is forbidden during formal recruitment and during the summer prior to recruitment from parents and alumnae, not just sorority members.

What is an example of a verbal bid?

Examples of Verbal Bids:

I can see you in the (sorority name) house.

I can’t wait for you to be her little sister.

See you on Bid Day!

You will be on (sorority name) bid list.

I heard you’re going to be in (sorority name).

(Active name) told me everyone in the chapter loves you.

These statements or variations of these statements are not allowed.

I am an alumna of XYZ chapter. Am I allowed to speak to PNMS on behalf of the chapter?

NO. Members, parents, and alumnae cannot speak on behalf of their chapter; therefore, any statement by an individual which indicates that a sorority wishes or intends to keep a PNM, is considered verbal bidding.

What should I do if a parent of a PNM contacts me about their daughter during formal recruitment?

Refrain from communicating with parents or family members of PNMs during formal recruitment. Panhellenic rules prohibit you from communicating about recruitment.

When are recommendations due for recruitment?

We would prefer them by June 1st. However, they will be accepted until recruitment.

Are you entering recruitment this year? Check out our Potential New Member FAQ.

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